Skyqv98 App Setup guide for Android/New Mag Box Devices   

For all Android devices, Nvidia, Formuler Z & New Mag Boxes.

Read all of this page then install the app from the setup video below. 

You may have to allow third party apps to install this app.

On the device screen navigate to the settings. Scroll through the option and choose device or Security & Restrictions, this option has different names on different devices. Now choose developer options, if you have this option. Select "Apps from Unknown Sources" or " Verify Apps" and turn the option to on.

After it's installed, enter the login details you received by email after ordering.

Please note 4K movies will only play on 4K devices

If you already have a subscription and the username is your email address then you can already use this app. 


You can also run any other app we offer, 

on the same device at the same time with only one sub.

Setup Guide

From your PC click one of the links below to download the app

Copy the file to a USB memory stick. 

Place the USB Memory stick to the Android box

Open the file manager app on the Android device.

(If you don't have one you can download one from the App Store, any one will do)

Select the USB Memory Stick. 

(You normally have to go back a page to see the storage devices)

Select the Skyqv98.apk file and install it.

Follow the on screen instuction to complete the install.

If you don't have a PC, Memory Stick, or USB port on your device 

then please use the web browser method video below.

Please join the telegram group for up to date info on the Snook Streams Service.

The link is in your email with your 'paid for' login details. 

Web Browser Setup

Please watch this video for a simple step by step guide on installing the app and use the links below.

VLC Player

Using VLC player gives you many extra options than the built in player like changing the language and subtitles. Please watch the video on how to setup and use VLC.

Please note: You won't be able to download this App with FireFox.


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