Mag Box

Infomir the manufactory of Mag Box have now blocked all IPTV portals on their 

STB system (MAC address setup). 


If you have a newer style Mag box, that is also Android, then please use the Android apps on this website. You will need to contact Tech Support and request they switch your subscriptions to a Android style subscriptions and they will send you a new username and password free of charge.

Please click the button below. 


If you have an older style STB only box, like a Mag 254 etc, then it is no longer possible to run IPTV from this device. You will need to upgrade to a Android or Firestick device. This will also come with the benefits of being able to add a VPN easily, if you are in the UK for football, and it will also do the newer sound formats for VOD Mag STB  can not do. 


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