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Troubleshooting / Maintenance

If your in the UK or Ireland you will need a VPN whilst any football match/cup game is on. We recommend iPvanish, SurfShark, Nord & Express VPN. You should have a VPN if you want to use IPTV! Set the VPN to outside of the UK. Germany Frankfurt or Paris France tend to be the favourite.

Please note when setting your VPN you will need to turn the VPN on first and set it to the correct country. After you have done this then enter into your IPTV app. This will stop your Internet Service Provider seeing what you are doing, if you experience a block when viewing please restart your Router and device and follow as above.

We recommend carrying out maintenance at least every 48 hours to ensure the smooth running of your setup.



If you are experiencing slow load times on app start, this could be down your device, especially the older Android boxes. We can also remove the Foreign Speaking Channels, this will take the load off and speed things up for you. If you require to remove them please 

contact us and we will happily remove them for you.

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