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Web Player


We also offer our customers a Free Web Player to use with their subscription login.

For Windows use Microsoft Edge Browser.

For Macbook, iOS etc use Chrome/Safari.


The app is set to use JW Player if this does not work when viewing VOD,  the app will inform you to use Flow Player.


Any Name = Anything you like in the box.

Username = Provided in the email.​

Password  = Provided in the email.

Click add user.

All done.

If you see "Username Invalid or expired" error then you have typed something wrong, or the test/subscription has expired.

Please note tests only last 24-48 hours from the time it was issued, not from when you started using it. 

If your in the UK/Rep Of Ireland you'll more than likely need a VPN whilst the EPL is on. 

You should have a VPN if you want to use IPTV!
Set the VPN to outside of the UK. Germany/Frankfurt or Paris/France tend to be the favourite.

Please note when setting your VPN you will need to turn the VPN on first and set it to the correct country. After you have done this then enter into your IPTV app. This will stop your Internet Service Provider seeing what you're doing, if you experience a block when viewing please restart your Router, device and follow as above.

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