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Snook XC 722 App  
Setup Guide For   Firestick/FireTV/Android TV



Please follow either of the the videos below on how to install the

Snook XC 722 App

Please watch the videos until the end as all the info contained is important.

The link you will need to download the app is

You may need to adjust the over scan for this app to fit correctly. This is easily done in the display setting of your TV or Firestick 4K menu, and allow third party apps.

The Downloader App method

A simpler setup but doesn't always download automatically on some devices. Please use the link below.

If you have issues with using downloader app, please try the setup type below.

The Sideloading App method with App2Fire App
(Firestick & Fire TV Only)

This method is more reliable than the Downloader method above, which doesn't work on all devices, but a little more work to do. Please use the link below:

Please join the Telegram Group for up to date info on the Snook Streams Service.

The link is in your email with your paid for login details. 

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